Side Effects and Contra-indications

Sambiloto has been shown to have anti-fertility effects. This includes abortionant properties. That is it can abort pregnancy. We recommend all women avoid its use during pregnancy as a precaution. In almost every other respect Sambiloto has an extremely low toxicity.

Andrographis Extract 4 OZ

In traditional Jamu systems of healing in Indonesian, Sambiloto has long been perceived as very safe. In Chinese medicine, and in Thailand and India, it has always been seen as safe. Although trial and error in humans may not be considered scientific, it is a way of determining whether a substance is effective or harmful. The traditional understanding of cultures which have used it over centuries, is that it is very safe. When scientists began to investigate the safety of Sambiloto, formal toxicological studies in animal models and in animal and human clinical trials confirmed that andrographolide and other Sambiloto compounds have very low toxicity.

Research over many years has confirmed this extremely low toxicity. In mice that received oral extracts of Sambiloto extract (10 g/kg body weight) once a day for seven days, none of the mice died. This very high amount did produce decreased activity and general lethargy. Heart, kidney, liver, and spleen were found to be normal in these animals.

Even intravenous injections of 10mg/Kg in rabbits produced nothing abnormal. Liver enzyme tests and heart, liver, kidney, and spleen were normal in these animals.

Overall, evidence to date confirms that andrographolides are naturally occurring compounds with low toxicity.

On rare occasions, dizziness and heart palpitations have been reported by people who use Sambiloto. As with all herbs, some people will have an allergic reaction to Sambiloto. The allergic reactions associated with allergic reactions ranging from minor skin rashes to more serious sicknesses. The obvious solution in these rare cases is to avoid its use.

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