Immunological Benefits: Cancer

Studies using laboratory animal models have shown that Sambiloto is a potent stimulator of the immune system in two ways: (1) Antigen-specific response: antibodies are made to counteract invading microbes, and (2) Nonspecific immune response: macrophage cells scavenge and destroy invaders. Sambiloto activates both responses – making it effective against a variety of infectious and cancer-causing agents.

Andrographis Extract 4 OZ

The mechanisms of effective treatment from Sambiloto are rooted in its effects in boosting immunity. Cancer results when cells do not respond to signals that are intended to limit growth. When cells develop normally, at each stage of development the cells become more specialized in order to be able to perform the duties of that particular cell. For example, cells that will make insulin will develop the cellular machinery to do so. When cancer upsets normal development, cells do not mature — they more closely resemble immature body cells. The more they resemble immature cells, the more unfavorable the outcome: the cancer grows and spreads (metastasizes) more rapidly.

Sambiloto has been shown to cause cancer cell maturity or differentiation, thus breaking the cancer proliferation. In addition Sambiloto extracts have also been shown to be cytotoxic (cell-killing) against cancer cells in laboratory work. This cancer cell-killing ability was demonstrated against human epidermoid carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma) of the skin lining of the nasopharynx and against lymphocytic leukemia cells. It was the andrographolide component that was found to have the cancer cell-killing ability. This ability to kill cancer cells was superior to the levels of the effectiveness recommended by the National Cancer Institute for a cytotoxic substance.

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