1) Analgesic: pain killer.
2) Anti-hyperglycaemic: has a blood glucose lowering effect.
3) Anti-inflammatory: reduces swelling and cuts down exudation from capillaries, anti-inflammatory action probably mediated, in part, by adrenal function.
4) Antibacterial: fights bacterial activity, although Sambiloto appears to have weak direct antibacterial action, it has remarkably beneficial effect in reducing diarrhea and symptoms arising from bacterial infections.
5) Antimalarial: prophylactic properties prevent infection and parasite multiplication in the blood stream.
6) Antihepatotoxic: eliminates liver toxins, such as products of alcohol consumption.
7) Antipyretic: fever reducer – both in humans and animals, caused by multiple infections or by toxins.
8) Antithrombotic: blood clot preventative. This is where the prevention of heart attack comes in.
9) Antiviral: inhibits viral activity. Inhibits HIV replication.
10) Antioxidant: operates against free radicals.
11) Cancerolytic: fights, even kills, cancer cells.
12) Cardioprotective: protects heart muscles.
13) Choleretic: alters the properties and increases the flow of bile.
14) Depurative: cleans and purifies the system, particularly the blood.
15) Expectorant: promotes clearance of mucus from the respiratory system.
16) Hepatoprotective: protects the liver and gall bladder.
17) Hypoglycemic: blood sugar reducer, protective against diabetes.
18) Immune Enhancer: increases white cell phagocytosis, inhibits HIV-1 replication, and improves CD4+ and T lymphocyte counts.
19) Thrombolytic: blood clot eliminator.
20) Vermicidal: kills intestinal worms.

Andrographis Extract 4 OZ

But it is primarily for the magnificent heart and cardio vascular protectant properties, and its anti inflammatory qualities that Sambiloto in the cabinet of the five best herbs in the world for followers of the Western Lifestyle. It also shows strong Liver protection and healing properties (hepatoprotective and antihepatotoxic), which adds to the protection given by Curcuma. These liver benefits are particularly valuable for people who consume alcohol on a regular basis.

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