Anti-Oxidant and Antihyperglycaemic (Blood Sugar) Benefits

Studies conducted in Singapore in 2000 showed Sambiloto to be an effective anti-oxidant in laboratory animal trials (Reference 20). It was also shown by the same work to be anti-hyperglycaemic in diabetic animals, and important sugar regulating effect. More recent research in China (in 2002) has also shown that Sambiloto prevents formation of oxygen radicals in an inflammatory response in laboratory animals. Scavenging of free radicals, the powerful effect we are looking for was confirmed in some research in USA, also in 2002.

Andrographis Extract 4 OZ

Screening of antihyperglycaemic activity in of several herbs in Malaysia in 2004 showed that Sambiloto produced significant reduction in blood concentrations of sugar, and the most significant results of the herbs screened. This is a magnificent confirmation of the anti-diabetic properties of Sambiloto.

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